A Mother’s Love

A Mother’s Love

This past week we celebrated Mothers Day in my home and I was so spoilt by my husband and children. While I was having some pamper time (all on my own- can you believe it!)  I was reflecting on the Love of a Mother and how fierce and unbreakable the love for our children is. When someone hurts one of my children, I can almost hear myself telling them some threatening speech in Liam Neeson’s voice from Taken! Although that does not reflect the love of God and is definitely not the way to deal with it…. that fiercely protective Mama in me, sometimes feels like a lioness ready to pounce! Sound Familiar? 😉

The Love of a Mother is something so unique and incredible. The verses, 1 John 3.18, 1 Corinthians 13.7 and 1 Corinthians 16.14 shown in the images above, remind me so much of the Love of a Mom. She does everything in love, her love always endures for her children, she loves through endless actions and she never gives up on her children. Even though I am a mother myself and in my 30’s, when I am sick, sad or just worn out, it is still my Mom’s love and comfort that I want!

This fiercely strong love and protection for our little ones is a reminder of just how fierce and protective the love of the Father is for us! Since He IS love! 1 John 4.8. So if our love for our beloved children is so strong, just imagine how strong, forgiving, enduring, protective and consuming Gods love is for you!?! This week is the Holy Week before Easter, which in itself is the ultimate reminder of Gods love for us.

We are reminded in Romans 5.8 that you are loved more than you will ever know by someone who died to know you. How Powerful is that! We always watch these movies where someone either puts their own life in danger or sacrifices their life for someone else and you think…. imagine if someone did that for me…. well Someone already has! “Gods Love endures forever” Psalm 139.1 and “He loves YOU with this Everlasting Love” Jeremiah 31.3. and “Nothing can separate us from the Father’s Love” Romans 8.39

So this week take some time to reflect on just how adored, cherished and loved you are. Not only by the people that you love but most importantly by the One who gave His life to set you free John 3.16.   Happy Blessed Easter!

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