An Overwhelmed Heart

An Overwhelmed Heart

“Overwhelmed” is such a relevant word for Moms juggling family, kids, work, life and demands. Isn’t this how we so often feel? Overwhelmed with all that needs to be done and to make sure it is done with excellence! “Be the Best Wife, Be the Best Mom, Be the Best Friend …. Don’t drop the Ball!”. The Pressures are Great!

An “Overwhelmed HEART” is anxious, fearful and exhausted. I know for me it is when my heart is totally overwhelmed that I have my snap moments. When my poor kids will do something so small and I just snap!  My mother always tells me you cant fill everyone else’s cups if yours is empty- so you need to make sure you keep refilling your own cup! Not so easy when you don’t even have a second in the day to just sit down but try and prioritize even 5 minutes a day, where you focus on recharging your own batteries.

I often sing this old Song when I’ve reached my breaking point…….. “Give me Oil in my Lamp keep it burning, Give me Oil in my Lamp I pray”. Its so hard to find time in the Chaos for yourself and to recharge but it is a priority for the whole family. If Mommy cracks, everyone does!

Sometimes we just have to Let Go and Let God. Get perspective, He is Higher than You in every way and the ultimate support, comfort and rock on which to stand and cast all your burdens and worry onto. Psalm 55.22 “Cast your burden on the Lord,
And He shall sustain you”.If you’ve never tried it before, why not try now? Ask God to carry all that your Overwhelmed Heart is struggling with and rather carry His Peace knowing it is in His Hands.  Let Him refill your Cup and put Oil in your Lamp 🙂

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