Ok… I’m going to put myself out there and tell you how “slow to anger” has been a challenge for me lately. Man O Man! When you are so tired, the kids never stop nagging and demanding something, the pressures of life are knocking at the door and you have to keep smiling, keep patient and keep calm……….. you know what I’m talking about? Please tell me I’m not alone 😉

“Slow to Anger” when you have so many pressures, demands and stresses that you literally feel like a pressure cooker about to explode is NOT easy! What do you do? Take deep breathes? Count to 10? Walk Away? Put yourself in Time Out? 😉 When I am cross I clenched my jaw…. I now see my eldest daughter doing it too… o man!

Lately I’ve had a few friends say how terrible they feel because they’ve had some angry moments with their kids… that dam mommy guilt! It can make you feel that you the worst mom in the world, that no one else loses it like you but the truth is that we all fail at one point or another. It doesn’t mean that you must just keep getting angry but know that you are not alone.

Some times I have thought that Motherhood has been my greatest “Refiners Fire”  as spoken about in Malachi 3.2-3. The most important word here being “Refiners” as a Fire destroys but a “Refiners Fire” purifies and doesn’t destroy. It makes it better, shinier, purer, holier, more valuable and a better version of itself……..

The “Refiners Fire” of Motherhood! Motherhood…….. been teaching me Patience, Endurance and Love through all things Since October 2012 😉


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