Bloom for Women

Bloom for Women

A Christian Women’s Social Community

As Women, we need Community. A Place we belong, are encouraged and Supported. The ways of the world can make us feel so hopeless, discouraged and fearful. With all that is currently going on in the world around health, lockdown and financial loss, our anxiety levels are higher than ever! Our Anxiety is only compounded as we juggle all the overwhelming pressures during social distancing. We live in a digital age but many of the digital platforms available to us, can bring more feelings of despair.

If you wish you could connect with more like-minded Women of God, where you can ask questions and get input from other Faith Warriors…… Now you CAN! Juggling the J’s has just Launched Bloom, a Christian Women’s Only Online Community!

Bloom is a safe & positive social community for Christian Women, where you can inspire, encourage, grow and support each other in all areas of life. These areas range from Faith, Family Life, Marriage, Gardening and even Fitness! Having fellow women of Faith walking along side you in life and learning and being inspired by other like-minded Women is essential. We need fellowship and a digital Women’s Fellowship platform like Bloom can bring this into your life.

We live in a digital world and more than ever we are needing a positive platform like Bloom to help us not just survive but THRIVE. A place to grow in Faith and Community online together.

Bloom is a place to post ideas, videos, links and words of encouragement to others on a Live Activity Feed. Similar to a Facebook type Newsfeed, you can post all aspects of your life and positively impact other’s lives. A place to post your testimony and read a collection of other inspiring women’s blogs, all in one place. A place to join Prayer Groups, Bible Studies, Mom Groups, Single Groups, Marriage Support Groups and more. A place to share, connect, support and bless each other. A place to download free material, download free printables, free documents & resources, devotions and studies. A place to create Events and Documents around a certain topic within specific groups. Even within the group you can be connected in smaller more intimate and even private groups to seek counsel and support for sensitive topics.

A place to make new Christian friends and not feel isolated and alone. A place to message others and have live prayer, chats and videos talks with fellow believers.  A place to advertise your ministry and Christian material. A place to buy Christian resources & books and even sell your own Christian materials and memorabilia. A place to belong, a place to Bloom.

There is also an exciting future for Bloom as it grows. An App development for easier access, online classrooms, online study courses and more. Why not come and join our Bloom Community Today? We would be honoured to have you come and help grow Bloom with us and make it into the Premium Christian Women’s Social Community. A place for all of us to grow into our Calling & Purpose that God has placed on our lives.

If you already have your own Blog, Ministry, Study or Women’s Group, there is a place for you to run your own Groups and Interactive forums for your ladies. A place for others to access your material all in one place.  If you choose to join Bloom as a Bloom Material & Group Facilitator and Organizer, you will have Contributor Access to manage your groups & forums. You can create Events and create an authentic and Supportive Community for the Ladies God has called you to lead.

I hope to connect and meet you there! Let’s sew Faith-Inspired encouragement and support into each other’s lives through Bloom


If you have any questions about the Community, how you can get involved or how you could have your own Group for Women, please contact Jenna on . You can also find us on Instagram and Facebook @juggingthejs and visit our websites at and


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