Celebrate South Africa

Celebrate South Africa

On Thursday it is Heritage Day in South Africa and everyday this week I am going to post something special about this Magnificent country!

It is the land of my birth & my beloved homeland! It is the country that God has now brought my family back to! 🇿🇦 ⠀⠀
So let’s celebrate South Africa & South Africans this week. If don’t live in SA but you know a South African … give them a hug and celebrate them this week! Ask them about their heritage, traditions and celebrations. Have a “braai” with them and learn some unique words like “lekker”, “kif”, “cozzie” and “Ubuntu”. There are so many words that are unique & local to the beautiful land of SA. We literally have our own lingo! ⠀

South Africa’s national flower is the King Protea- it’s on our R5 coin, the name of our cricket team and on our passports & birth certificates! Swipe for images

These beautifully unique flowers can survive wildfires and the toughest weather conditions. They can also survive in soil that is not rich in nutrients. They also known as sugarbushes because they contain so much nectar and goodness for birds. In local SA tradition they represent change & hope.⠀

What a phenomenal representation of South Africa through a flower! All the qualities of the Protea directly relate to us as a South African nation.⠀

– We have in our past and we will in our future, survive huge changes, storms & turbulent times. Like the protea, SA can survive the most challenging storms & fires. We just need to be a united nation and stand together through the storms.⠀

– South Africa is full of so much goodness. From is rich diversity of people, cultures, languages (we have 11 official languages!) , landscapes and food choices. South Africa is full of so much to see, do, eat and drink. It’s people, food, landscape and cultures are like nothing else on earth! ⠀

– If I had to think of one word for South Africa, “Hope” would be a brilliant fit. It is a land full of opportunity, diversity, beauty and love. ⠀

If you have never visited the Magnificent country of South Africa…. put it on your bucket list. When the skies reopen for travel again, come visit us! 🇿🇦


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