Content Much?

Content Much?

“Remember when all You wanted was What you Have Now”- What a powerful statement! Really makes you stop and think doesn’t it?!

Being content is hard, we naturally strive to achieve more (which is good) but it shouldn’t be to the point of allowing your striving to overtake Gods place in your life. If you have your eyes fixed on something other than Him…. something is out of balance.

Even in our journey, we need to be content in every season, live every moment and be present always. While Paul was in prison he wrote that he had learnt to be content in whatever the circumstances ( Philippians 4.11) …. Now that is quite a place of peace to be in! #peacegoals!

We should all aspire to be content, no matter what the circumstances because our hope is not in the situation but in the One who Holds our future. Learn to be grateful no matter the situation, find joy in the ordinary.

⁃ Don’t let your longing overpower your joy.

⁃ Don’t let your vision become so consuming that striving overtakes Gods place in your life.

⁃ Make sure you keep Him first, not an idol like fame, money, power or position.

⁃ Don’t wish time away… soon you will be wishing it back.

⁃ Don’t obsess, compare or criticize others to make yourself feel better….. social media can drive us to such discontentment and discouragement.

Be careful what you feeding your mind with. Our Battlefield is in the mind, so nourish it with the right things. What are you watching, listening to and reading? Who are you spending time your time with…. Is it positive, uplifting and encouraging or is it just making you feel rotten about your life and where you are ….

Maybe it’s time for a Change? Hello Gratitude, Joy, Fulfillment and Contentment 🙏🏻

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