Gods Got You!

Gods Got You!

This morning was one of those moments when you feel like God has forgotten you, when you wonder if He is truly there with all the chaos and unknowns happening around you but then He quietly reminds you that He is still in Control, He will never let you down and He has a plan!⠀

To say I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and in disbelief about what’s happened this year is an understatement! I have moments of such sadness with all we have lost due to Covid. We absolutely loved our life, friends, home and job in Dubai. We were NOT ready to leave it, especially for the unknown. ⠀

Now here we sit with so many unknowns and worries. Where must we go? How can we make an income to survive? What school should we put our kids into since we don’t know where to live? etc. ⠀

But in any situation there is always something to be grateful for. So we need to keep this positive perspective and for us right now it is my family, my dogs & a garage full of boxed up furniture 🤣⠀

But if Im honest with you, this morning I was having a serious feeling sorry for myself moment. Which actually only makes things harder but anyway… in this little pity party I was throwing for myself …. God suddenly reminded me of 2Timothy 1:7. ⠀

That He has not given me a spirit of fear but one of Power, Love and Self Discipline. Then after this came to mind, I opened my Bible App and this image was before my eyes… so double confirmation right there.⠀

God was saying- Pull yourself together Jenna, this is not what I made you to be… I created you to be bold, courageous, positive, powerful, loving and self disciplined in all ways. Talk about a good pep talk! Thanks Jesus!⠀

So anyway, here i am… renewing my mind and my emotions and popping the balloons of my pity party. With God the best is ALWAYS yet to come and He didn’t make us to be weak, pitiful beings. ⠀

He has made you beautiful, strong and courageous! So step boldly into all God is preparing before you lovely. You have nothing to fear! He is making the way for you and your family and He will NEVER let you down! He works everything, and I mean EVERYTHING (the good, the bad and the ugly) for your Good!

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