Guilt, the Kill-Joy!

Guilt, the Kill-Joy!

O the Guilt Parenting can bring….. the Never ending mental, emotional, sensory and physical overload! Especially in our current HomeBound Home Schooling situation.

Last week I had a BAD day! One of those days where I cried after the kids went to bed thinking, I failed them today, I got too angry, I wasn’t patient enough, I didn’t give them enough time and grace, They only kids…. and man they cute when they sleep!!

But then I remembered that I tried my best! They didn’t listen, They kept nagging and nagging (we ended up with 17 kids at my house at one point!) and then this Mama reached her overloaded stage and boom! But you know what, sometimes it’s good for them to see that we are only human, that we have a breaking point and we mean it when we say stop!

Obviously I’m not saying be a mean Mama on purpose but We do need more grace for ourselves. Sometimes we forgive those around us and have grace for others but forget to have the same forgiveness and grace for ourselves. We all mess up, but we need to remember we are giving it our all! We trying our best and sometimes we just reach our “enough” button! And that’s ok, this Mama job is HARD work!

Have Grace, for yourself, for others and for your children. It’s amazing the freedom forgiveness and grace can bring 🤍 Ditch the guilt, it’s not worth it. Especially during the challenges we now facing. Isolation, stress of financial loss and Home Schooling is enough time push anyone over the edge!

So if you trying your best and doing all you can to be the best Mom, Wife, Friend, Sister and Person …… then let go of the guilt! Be gentle on yourself- guilt ain’t worth it! God hasn’t called us to be a guilt-ridden people. He died for our Freedom 🙏🏻

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  • by Elizabeth Posted July 10, 2020 1:29 pm

    We can be hard on ourselves as parents. I sometimes feel bad after I discipline my kids. Thank God we have grace to help us through.

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