House Arrest!

House Arrest!

So if you were ever thinking of Home Schooling…. now you can see if it’s for you or NOT! I know it isn’t for me already 😆 BUT we do need to keep positive and make the most out of this new Family Lockdown Situation. Lets make it not only quantity but also quality Family Time!

Change can so easily bring fear but we need to keep the Faith and have a good attitude because Change also brings new opportunities and adventures! Let’s start thinking out of the box during our House Arrest Season.

It forces you to go back to basics and evaluate what the most important aspects of your life are. Ask God to give you the patience, peace and correct perspective to overcome this new change in your life. God can make good out of anything that life throws at you and He WILL give you the strength to overcome the challenges ahead. Whether that’s financial changes, juggling a job and home schooling or sickness, He will never abandon you. When you feeling overwhelmed… remember His Grace is there to pick you up.

I’ve put some ideas for our new Home Bound situation below and PLEASE send me any you have!That way we can help bless each other.

⁃ We all need Routine, especially kids. So don’t make this an all day PJ Party (save that for the weekend). During the week, set a routine and timetable up

⁃ Set up some “Quiet” spaces in your home where you can go and have alone time.

⁃ Do family exercise sessions On uTube or make some up!

⁃ Get dancing as a family- Let the kids coach you

⁃ Read the books you never get a chance to read

⁃ Download a new App- be creative!

⁃ Learn something new online! ( Adults & Kids) Here are Some e-learning programs that have set up free subscriptions for Our current Season:

⁃ Set up a movie theatre at home- so much to catch up on!

⁃ It’s time to spring clean those cupboards, paint that cabinet you’ve been wanting to….

⁃ Bake and Cook as a family.

⁃ Laugh LOTS!

⁃ Have daily pray-quiet time as a family

⁃ Pray… LOTS!

⁃ There are so many amazing arts and craft ideas to do with your children- Pinterest Time!

⁃ Easter is coming, this is a great time to go deeper into scripture with your kids (I’ll be posting something about this soon!)

⁃ Play games as a family! Some games are so educational. Teach your kids a new game like Chess

⁃ You can also go on Virtual Tours with your kids… Have a look here

I will be posting ideas once a week for #FamilyFriday as well as more e-learning links. Please send through any of your ideas and tag @jugglingthejs in your posts 😊

Let’s help each other keep the right attitude, an attitude of gratitude and not of fear and defeat. One day at a Time, we only have enough Light for the step we on 🙏🏻

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