Impossible Dreams

Impossible Dreams

Do you have a Big Dream for your life? If you have a huge vision that seems Impossible to Achieve, it is probably the same dream God has for your life! How exciting is that! God wants us to Dream the Impossible and make it Possible for us! When we walk by Faith, fully dependent on Him, we can achieve anything. In Hebrews 11.1 it says “Faith is the confidence that what we Hope for will actually Happen”.  So when we walk in Faith, we believe and hope in the vision God has placed on our heart, even though we cannot see it yet!

Did you know that we have two sets of eyes? Our physical eyes that everyone has (with which we see the possible around us) and we have Spiritual Eyes, our eyes of Faith.  When we walk by faith using our Spiritual eyes, then we start to see the impossible can be possible with God working for us.

We so often settle for less forgetting we serve the God of the IMPOSSIBLE! He tells us in Luke 1.37 that With God, NOTHING is impossible!  and in Matthew 19.26 Jesus tells us with man it is Impossible but with God, ALL things are POSSIBLE! When we forget this, we limit our All Powerful God 🙂 Walk in the anointing that only He can give us.

If you don’t have a Dream for your life yet, I encourage you to start dreaming!  And don’t play it safe and dream small…. Our God speaks Greatness over you. So ask God for your Great Vision! Rely on Him, lean on Him and walk by Faith!  Believe that what you see on the inside with your spiritual eyes is more real than what you see on the outside. When you start to walk in faith like this, then you will start to see your Dreams become reality. Stop planning for the “what ifs” and start preparing for what you will do when your dreams happen! Happy Dreaming!

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