New Look

After my last two posts of 2020, I’ve been thinking about my own 20:20 Vision. What I keep going back to is “Be Real”, “Be Authentic” in Life and with Juggling the Js- which terrifies me! To let someone into your world to see the bad, the ugly and the beautiful is scary and sets yourself up for much criticism and looking like a fool… but then I’m reminded of what I want JugglingtheJs to be:

⁃ Faith Inspired Encouragement

⁃ This means living real life out, walking in faith, encouraging others that they are not alone, giving hope

⁃ Be a light and a laugh on the dark days

⁃ Putting my words into action

⁃ Being real, being vulnerable and being Me

So that’s what I have now decided to do! So JugglingtheJs will take a different look, it will be more real life.

I want to be authentic, I want to make a positive influence….. so I ask you to have Grace and Kindness towards me as I try to bring a new Authentic, Real Life Juggling the Js to life! Faith in Action, this is my Walk by Faith, Living out the life that God has blessed me with – I hope I can bring Encouragement and a Smile to you 💗

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