A friend of mine told me about a new Joyce Meyer book called “Overload” and I cant seem to get that word out of my head! I haven’t read the book but it sounds like it really describes how I have been feeling lately. Overloaded.

For me, Overloaded ……. with life and responsibilities, tummies that need feeding, little people’s questions to be answered, sibling fights needing to be broken up, noses that need wiping, tantrums and screams needing correction, encouragement needing delivery, multiple homework assignments waiting for completion, fees that need paying …… I’m sure you have a full list of overload too!

Overloaded with the juggle of life … while trying not to snap at those you love the most!

The reality is we are not perfect and we will mess up. We will Sometimes react in ways we are not proud of and then try to hold it all together in our own strength! I know I often do. We try to be super women (or man) on our own and we may even be able to keep it up for a bit. But somewhere, sometime, somethings got to give and you will become too overloaded.

We often forget to seek Help from the One who holds it all, from the One who knows what we need the most, the Ones whose power, grace and love never runs dry. As Matthew 11.28 says, Hand your worries, burdens, fears and exhaustion over to God. Ask Him to give you the super natural power and ability that only He can do. He is our ultimate place of refuse, rest and restoration.

Include Him in your everyday. Just talk to Him… even if at first it seems strange, the more you include Him, the more you will start to see and feel Him in your life. He is the ultimate One who can help us with our “OverLoad” of emotions, fear, anxiety and lack of energy….. all we have to do is Ask Him

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  • by Rose Posted January 31, 2019 7:10 am

    Well written Jen…..i can just imagine your “overload” and marvel how you manage to keep going!! You are one helluva amazing Mama!!

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