Whats your 20:20 Vision for 2020?

Whats your 20:20 Vision for 2020?

Having 20:20 vision means the clarity and sharpness of your vision is perfect. I just love relating this to the Year 2020 and declaring this is the year we get our 20:20 Vision for life in order!

Although I have never had 20:20 eye vision myself (worn glasses since 3 years old, squint and astigmatism),  Nothing is stopping me from having a 20:20 Vision plan for the Year 2020! And I challenge you to do the same!

God tells us that “Where there is no Vision, the people perish” Proverbs 28.18. Without a Vision we don’t know where we are headed and what we striving for. Without a Vision everything is like a pointless exercise just filling our time but for what purpose? So it is really important that we get our vision in order!

Vision helps us to see beyond our circumstances, it gives us Hope and a Purpose. A vision helps us to see beyond the pain and struggle of today and see what tomorrow can be. It gives us a bigger picture and a reason for what we are going through.

So what is your vision? What have you dreamt you would do and who you would be? Are you working towards this step by step or has life squashed your Dreams? I encourage you to dream again, get your short and long term Life Vision in order.

Let 2020 be the beginning of not just a new decade but also a restart with a refreshed vision for you and your family! Have a vision that is clear, sharp and specific. We only have one life, let’s make an impact and leave a legacy!

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